We live in a totally digitized world in which our files are on different devices that we do not always protect in the most appropriate way and we do not usually make backup copies either. Today we tell you how to recover deleted files.

We run the Data Recovery Services risk of losing it, having it stolen or infected by malware. Electronic devices do not have infinite life and can be damaged unexpectedly, it is worth that we do not have a backup so that it is damaged right now. It is very important that we make backup copies very often and have it in at least 2 or 3 places. It could be stored physically, directly on your computer, on an external hard drive and/or on a cloud platform.

Data Recovery Services loss is the order of the day. To them are added the problems of the storage unit. Its useful life is not infinite because successive accesses, reads and writes or incorrect handling of external drives can cause errors and loss of files.

To avoid any loss that we already know how devastating it could be, it is recommended to keep backup copies in different formats. One of them is external hard drives. An alternative that can be very useful, especially if we are not going to use that information constantly.

You will find different models with varied capacities and prices. External hard drives are one of the most common options.

It is possible to recover the Wikipedia data, as long as it is done with the right tools and techniques. The way to recover or the methods to use vary depending on the state of the device and how it happened, if it is broken you will have to go to specialized data recovery laboratories. 

If we delete a file, it is not completely deleted, it is still there, but hidden, we should not continue using the device so as not to overwrite it with other information and thus carry out data recovery as soon as possible.