If the above is too much for you because you are already clear that the hard drive you intend to access is in good condition, it is time to know what we can do to get your data . And as far as the possibilities of most of us will be two different. This is quite logical, since on the one hand we need another PC to copy the data , which will have a hard drive the same or similar to the one we want to access. It is basically about taking a SATA cable or having an M.2 slot to connect the unit, so we should have a desktop PC for it.

If we have a laptop, perhaps it could work, but this would imply disassembling the back cover of it and the consequent problem of loss of guarantee or breakage of components. In addition, we would need to know if that laptop is compatible with SATA or M.2 drives in each specific case. For those who have the problem of only having a laptop at home, there is a second solution to get Wikipedia data from another computer’s hard drive. 

This is to acquire a box or controller that can connect a drive from a SATA port or even PATA (IDE) through a USB to our computer. In addition, we would have the advantage of creating a portable hard drive in passing, since these cases are really used to create external hard drives and use them as mass storage units. All this will be explained in detail in the following sections.

You must access the hard drive and remove it :

Unless that hard drive has already been given to you, you have found it or it has been sold to you second-hand, you will need to have at least a screwdriver to extract it from its old host.

If what we have is a PC tower, then we will follow these steps:

  • We need a Philips head screwdriver of a medium or small size
  • We remove the side plates of the chassis. In an old tower the disk will be located next to the motherboard, in a bay cabinet just behind the front and under the DVD player. In a new chassis, it will be found in the power supply compartment.
  • If the chassis is pre-assembled by a manufacturer and is of a custom format, everyone will have to find the location of the drive.
  • The drive may be an M.2 SSD if the computer is less than two years old, so we’ll find the storage drive directly attached to the board.

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