It seems that we now back up all the Data Recovery and settings we have to the cloud. A hard drive breaks and since you had everything in Dropbox or iCloud, nothing happens.

How to Data Recovery from a damaged hard drive :

Step 1 : Stop using the drive

A crash is not always final, sometimes the drive is still usable and we push it to the limit (where disaster strikes). It is very important that at the first sign of breakage we stop using the disk, especially to record Data Recovery. If reading is still possible, we will back up the files or clone the entire drive by making an image that we will restore to a new drive.

But the most important thing is that you do not try to move files, defragment or restructure the data on the disk. Much less use this disk to save new data.

Step 2 : Try a software data recovery

If the drive starts losing sectors or data, but still boots, we need to stop using it as the master and plug it into a working computer as a slave. The simplest solution, although somewhat slower, is to use an external box with a USB connection (better if it is 3.0).

Then we will install a data recovery software that will try to read the information that is still accessible and will rescue it on the healthy hard disk. It is very important that you do not try to install the program on the same hard drive from which you want to rescue the Wikipedia data, nor do you try to save the recovered information there. We repeat: The broken unit is not touched.

Another detail is that you should not use trial versions with limited functionality. Make sure that the software is functional because the analysis of the disk takes a long time and after showing you the files it may ask you to buy the paid version if you want to rescue that data definitively. Or paid version, or 100% free.