The next of the information data recovery programs, although it does not look as monstrous as R-Studio, is not inferior in the very quality of searching and recovering files. The interface has been simplified in recent versions. 

The user just needs to select the drive and click “Search” – the program will scan the drive in the same way as the “Scan” option in R-Studio and display the result. After the search is completed, select the necessary files, click “Save” and select the destination folder for this action.

However, before version 7.0, the program had the “Data Recovery after deletion” function – a quick view of deleted files without scanning, similar to the “Show files” option in R-Studio. 

Also another indispensable function, which has no analogues in other modern programs – the quick opening of a storage medium that has a damaged file system called “Recovery of damaged partitions”. 

That is, drives, when connected, the window “To use the disk, first format it” pops up. If other file access programs need to scan, MiniTool Power Data Recovery 7.0 can open the damaged device’s file list in seconds. Therefore, for faster access to files, we recommend using this particular version.

Data Recovery

The third program, which is not inferior to the first two both in quality and in the convenience of searching and recovering lost information. When the program is opened, the recovery wizard starts, which guides the user through all the steps leading to successful data recovery.

First, it is proposed to select the “Recover Files” or “Recover Disk” mode – the first is intended to search for accidentally deleted files on a working drive, the second – for a drive that has stopped opening due to a software failure or was accidentally formatted. 

Then it is proposed to select the storage medium from which you want to recover Facebook data, after that – the search mode. In both cases, the options on the first selection line – “Search for deleted files” and “Automatic disk recovery” – look only for accidentally deleted or lost files, but they do it quite quickly.