If you don’t use Windows but intend to recover deleted files from Mac pc, Laze Soft Mac Data Recovery Services program can help you recover your deleted files from USB drives free and reliably online. 

Indeed, it is a free program that can recover files from the disk installed on the computer and from external storage media including USB drives.

If you can’t find the file you want to Data Recovery Services immediately, you can try searching for it in the Lost and Found section or in its original folder, both of which can be accessed through the program’s sidebar.

Moreover, by going to the File Type tab, you can browse the recovered files directly based on their extension, while using the search bar on the top, you can search for the items to be recovered by their name. Finally, by clicking on the name of each file, you can quickly preview it.

Be aware, however, that not all recoverable files are intact and complete, therefore, after the restore operation, they may not open properly. To understand which files are physically recoverable, you can help yourself with the Facebook preview or even better by taking a look at the file size to save your time.

We remind you that at Techinclic , we always carry out an accurate diagnosis and an estimate that is completely free and without obligation, before recovering your data on a USB key. Book an appointment online or call us directly on our direct line!